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ROV Simulation System
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        Shanghai Jian Long ROV Technology Co., Ltd owns the first top-class ROV simulation system in China. The simulator was designed and developed by GRI Simulations Inc. as a training tool to be incorporated into existing and planned ROV pilot training programs.

        VROV Simulator applies Virtual Reality and computer modeling technologies to generate realistic, scenario-based ROV simulations. It also simulates all standard components of a real-life ROV system, such as acoustic imaging, obstacle avoidance, unit tracking, underwater cameras and lights, manipulators, and environmental factors like currents, variable turbidity, and tether effects.

       The system is able to simulate 12 working conditions. It covered most of the items of offshore oil-field ROV services. The details are as follows:

1. Blow Out Preventer Installation

2. Debris Locating and Retrieving
3. Field Inspection
4. Pipeline Inspection
5. Sub Rescue (1)

6. Sub Rescue (2)
7. Through Flow Line Installation

8. Tubing Head Spool Installation
9. THS Lock and Test

10. Transponders Replacement
11. Tree Installation
12. Tree Lock and Test



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