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Competence Scheme
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Competence Scheme


Progress through the Scheme will depend on each individual candidate’s competence as judged using a combination

of the following methods


• Accreditation of piror learning and experience 

• Operational experience 

• Successful completion of offshore competence assessments 

• Attendance of relevant courses 

• Examination

Structure of the Scheme

Leading to Pilot II Status 

• New entrant (suitable background) / Minimum requirement for personnel qualification

• Offshore medical

• Offshore survial course /valid certificate

• Assessment (P/T II course) 

Leading to Pilot I Status (PT) 

• At least 180 days offshore work as Pilot/Technician II 

• At least 100 hours' Piloting, of which 40 hours can be on simulators 

• Underpinning knowledge for competences 1-10 and 15 (P/T I and HV courses) 

• Successful completion of competences 1-10 

• Assessment (P/T I course) 

Leading to Submersible Engineer/Senior Pilot Status 

• At least 360 days offshore as Pilot/Technician I 

• At least 100 piloting hours as ROV pilot grade I

• Underpinning knowledge for competences 11-20 (Sub. Eng. course) 

• Successful completion of competences 11-20 

• Assessment (Sub. Eng. course) 

Leading to Supervisor Status (SSE) 

• At least 360 days offshore as Submersible Engineer 

• Underpinning knowledge for competences 21-30 (Supervisor and Assessor courses) 

• Satisfactory completion of competences 21-30 

• D32 (Skills Assessor) award 

• Assessment (Supervisor/Assessor course) 

Leading to Chief Submersible Engineer/Submarine Team Leader 

• At least five years as Supervisor 

• Underpinning knowledge for competences 31-35 (Offshore Manager course) 

• Successful completion of competences 31-35 


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